Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch must convey, in a relatively short amount of time, the essence of your startup.  Your objective is to capture the attention of the listner so he or she wants to find out more.  This provides you the opportunity of providing more details in an investor presentation.

AlphaLaunch will help you craft your elevator pitch for you to concisely say:

Who you and your team are and what your startup offers

What is new and different about what you offer

What and how big is the market opportunity

How your product or service uniquely captures market share

How your business model works

Where you are now and where you are going

How much money will it take to get there and how much money do you need now

Contact AlphaLaunch for more information.Your business model must answer the fundamental question for your startup - how does your business make money?  One of the most common comments from potential investors who do not elect to fund a startup is that the business model was unclear or incomplete.  AlphaLaunch helps you formulate and articulate a clear and compelling business model for your startup.

Your business model will clearly identify your customer and answers the question of how your startup reaches the customer and what relationship your firm has with your customer.  Your model will articulate the value proposition you offer to your customer - describing the tangible results a customer gets from using your product or service.  Your business model will describe the resources of the company and the activities the company and its partners engage in to deliver your value proposition to its customers.  Finally, and most importantly, your business model will show how your company makes money - showing that there is sufficient revenue to your company to support the costs of offering your product or service and yielding a reasonable profit.

With a business model as a starting point, AlphaLaunch can then help you elaborate with: an elevator pitch, an investor presentation, a business plan, and a financial plan.

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