Business Plan

Your business plan shows how you are going to build a business to implement your business model.  The business plan not only clearly elaborates the business model, it shows that you and your team can implement the model within the required time-frame with an investment that will yield sufficient return with manageable risk to your investors.  Business plans that do not adequately address concerns about risk are easily passed on by potential investors.  An AlphaLaunch business plan is written after we have helped you develop a clear and compelling business model.  Our objective is to convey the excitement and promise of your business to your potential investors, team members, and other stakeholders.  Our plans demonstrate to investors that you have considered the inherent risks in your new venture and have a clear strategy to mitigate those risks.

While there is no one "right way" to write a business plan, AlphaLaunch's plans are written to continue the dialog with your potential investors.  In most cases, the dialog began with an enthusiastic elevator pitch followed by a compelling investor presentation that intrigued the audience enough that they wanted to find out more.  We help you continue the dialog with a concise yet compelling business plan (our typical plan is 20 pages).

AlphaLaunch's business plans are organized to answer the big questions your potential investors, team members, and other stakeholders will have when they consider making a commitment to your new venture.

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