Due Diligence

AlphaLaunch assists investors in analyzing and assesing risk in a technology startup deal.  We evaluate six key risk areas: technology, intellectual property, competition, business model, market, and team.  Once we understand the risks, we provide investors mitigation strategies.


This analysis explores the value propositions of the technology and assesses its capabilities, how easily it can be duplicated, and the maturity of the technology development.  This step provides you with recommendations for technology development, such as what actions are needed to develop the technology into a viable product.  It also provides a roadmap for the development of the intellectual property in order to protect the technology

Intellectual Property

One of (if not the main) asset of a technology startup is its intellectual property (IP).  AlphaLaunch will determine if the startup has adequately protected its IP. AlphaLaunch performs a patent search of prior art to determine the patentability of claims in the startup's patent applications as well as determine its freedom to use its technology without infringing on competitor's patents.


Our assessment evaluates the competitive landscape for the markets being addressed, including the competitive barriers offered by the technology.  During this process, we compare the statrup's product to existing solutions in the market.  We also evaluate the size and strength of the competition in the marketplace, gathering information about what each competitor is doing, what their future plans are, what portions of the market they address, and their strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to assses competitive risk.


AlphaLaunch examines market trends and opportunities, including specific market needs and how the startups's technology provides solutions to meet those needs.  Through this process, AlphaLaunch will examine market specifics including market size and growth trends, market growth drivers, and impediments to market growth.  We also evaluate how the complexion of the market may change if certain developments do or do not occur and how they impact the startup.  We validate market information through discussions with the startup's potential cusotmers.


Interviews with key team members to understand the strenghts and weakneeses of the team.  AlphaLaunch assesses the teams's ability to execute the business model.

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