Investor Presentation

AlphaLaunch subscribes to Guy Kawaski's 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint (Resources) in developing an investor presentation - ten slides, twenty minutes long, and no font smaller than thirty points.  Your objective is to develop enthusiasm for your startup and get the audience intrigued enough that they want to find out more.  They can then find out the details from your business and financial plans during the due diligence process.  

Our ten slides for your investor presentation include:

1. Cover Slide (well, OK, 11 slides)

2. Team and Company - convince them that this is the team and this is the    company to make it happen

3. Problem/Opportunity - show them a huge problem in a huge market

4. Solution - convince them that you have the solution

5. Business Model - show them a clear and compelling business model that works 

6. Technology/I.P. - show them you have the "secret sauce"

7. Go to market strategy - show them you can get to the market quickly

8. Competitive advantage - show them you will win

9. Financial plan - show them that the business model works Summary - tell them what you just told them in one slide

10. Status and Milestones – show them where you are and what you are going to do with their money

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